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Zebra Cakes!

Blue zebra cakes

Green zebra cake

Pink zebra cake

sweet 16 zebra cake

zebra cake

zebra print cake

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zebra drawing

zebra frame

zebra riding bike

two zebras

zebra and baby

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Young Zebra vs African Lioness

Zebra Wins!!! 

Fun facts You Should Know about Zebra

zebra love

You can never mistake a zebra for another animal with its unique black and white stripes.  Every zebra has its own set of stripes that will always be different from the rest. This is very similar to our own fingerprints.  They eat grasses, leaves, fruits, and roots. Zebras tend to stay in herds and even group themselves into different families in a herd. The zebra family usually consists of a male, some females, and their offspring. Zebras can run 40 miles per hour and their young can already run an hour after they are born. There are three different zebra species: the Plains, Grevy’s, and the Mountains Zebra.

Facts about the Three Zebra Species

 The zebra is a lovely and wild animal that is native to Africa. Its black and white stripes are unique to each zebra and works like a human’s fingerprint. There are three species of zebras: the Mountain Zebra, the Plains Zebra, and the Grevy’s Zebra. Both the plains and mountain zebras have horse-like features while the Grevy’s is very similar to an ass. The plains zebra is the most common type of zebra and has 12 subspecies. The Grevy’s are rare and wild zebras. They are also the largest. The Grevy’s and the Mountain zebras are endangered. This is caused by the destruction of their natural habitat and hunting.

Loving the Animals of Africa and its Zebras

Picture: Zebras in Africa

There is an old African folktale called “how the zebra got its stripes”. It talks about the first zebras and donkeys were still brother and sisters, but one day the king of all the animals invited the two brothers to a feast. Naturally the two brothers also wanted to join the feast; the only problem is that they had plain brown hides. Then they planned to beautify themselves by painting each other, zebra got to go first so donkey painted him with black and white stripes, but when he finished his brother quickly ran away and did not come back. They became bitter enemies and that is why zebras and donkeys have their colors today.

Zebra Noises